Many of us will know somebody who has died or has suffered a critical illness which can have devastating effects on those around them.

Using the latest search facilities, 

MME Norfolk will access a panel of leading insurers, making sure you have the right level of protection in place should the unthinkable happen.

Life & Critical Illness Insurance


Most people have two main protection needs that can be covered by life insurance (often known as life assurance): paying off large debts like your mortgage, family protection, where you leave behind money for your family to live on after you’ve died. Different types of insurance policies are good for different protection needs..

Critical Illness insurance will pay a specified lump sum upon the diagnosis of a serious illness that is covered in the policy. The purpose of the cover is to provide you with the funds for treatment and recovery, as well as other necessary expenses. The advantage of this cover is that once the payout is given, you are free to spend the money however you wish.

Income Protection


Income protection pays out if you’re unable to work due to accident or sickness. Alongside life insurance, income protection is a must-have insurance for most working adults, but only a few of us currently have it.

Imagine the circumstances. through no fault of your own you lose your income because you become unemployed. Or you’re unable to work because of an accident. Your mortgage will still need to be paid, as will other family household outgoings like credit cards, loans, council tax, utility bills and even life cover. So what can you do?

Family Income Benefit


Family Income Benefit is an innovative type of life insurance product, which is useful and extremely good value when compared to some other types of life or health insurance.

As with term assurance policies, family income benefit policies provide cover on death if you die during the policy term. But instead of a lump sum, it gives regular set payments (income) for the rest of the term of the contract. Premiums remain level throughout, and if you live beyond the end of the policy there will be no pay out. This means that it is an attractive product for those who would like to ensure that their family will maintain a regular income after their death, rather than a one-off payment, which could potentially be wasted.

Family income benefit is particularly attractive to those who like to know they have a regular monthly income and would rather not have to worry about complex investment decisions.

Buildings & Contents Insurance


Home insurance is in essence the ‘purchase of a promise,’ which assumes that, if an unforeseen event happens, you can rely upon the insurer to put the situation back to normal again. But what would happen if you found out that you weren’t covered?

Are you confident that you have the right level of cover in place for your home and contents?

We can help you understand the features of your home insurance and ensure that you have an appropriate level of cover based on your requirements. We can even help you to identify over-insurance, for example, if you have separate mobile phone cover, as this could be covered on your existing home insurance policy.

For buildings and contents insurance we are single tie with Legal & General, one of the UK’s market leaders in General Insurance. We believe that they provide the most comprehensive, affordable and Customer focused products on the market


Business Protection


Business Protection Insurance provides an all-important safety net for all types of businesses. It is all too common for Businesses to view Business Protection Insurance as an optional extra. It would be a far safer way of trading to consider Business Protection Insurance as part of the business plan from the first day of trading. Businesses all over the UK cease trading for all sorts of reasons but many of which could be prevented had they had some form of Business Protection Insurance in place.

Areas covered include Key person insurance – also known as keyman insurance to provide a financial safety net to help ensure business continuity and protect profits, director/shareholder/ partnership protection to ensure you keep control of your business, business loan protection to ensure repayment of any business loans, sole trader protection to protect your business and those that depend on you, relevant life protection to provide death in service benefit to employees on an individual basis.